Custom Publishing
& Design


At Newstyle we are the only company offering a full service agency/publishing arm and digital and social marketing department. We’re not only magazine (print and online) specialists, we custom produce magazines for South Australian businesses covering everything from food retailing, kitchens and luxury homes to fashion, wine marketing and regional tourism. We also produce personal and corporate publications like, yearbooks, annuals, books, niche magazines, ebooks and more.

So you don’t know much about the publishing industry, but you want to self-publish a magazine, book or ebook? That’s okay if you don’t know where to start – publishing is what we do and we’re pretty good at it too. Getting your ideas and work published can be a wonderful experience, especially when you have experts guiding you through the whole process.

Let us help start your custom publishing journey. Our experts will guide you from concept, printing to distribution, and you can be as involved as you want.. Or we can fill in the gaps where needed… it’s up to you.