Newstyle Print Team

Our team of 60+ talented print specialists are dedicated to providing you with the best products and services possible – every single time. Together with over 100 years’ experience in the industry, they know good printing. Our committed director, managers, supervisors and crew members aspire to maintain a high level of excellence and ensure they are providing a service that is more than just printing. Meet our leaders below.

Ian Richards

As the founding director of Newstyle Print, Ian’s 47 years in business have seen him experience many changes in the print industry. However, in all that time his fundamentals for service and quality have not changed. This is evident in the continued success of Newstyle Print and our lasting relationships with clients. Having built a strong team around him, Ian has ensured the continued progression of the company for many years to come.


Luke Richards

A team player with a strong focus on the customer, Luke is at the forefront of Newstyle Print. Luke has a genuine passion for print and over many years has developed a deep knowledge of the industry. With an infectious manner, Luke constantly strives for better solutions for both the client and the company. Luke’s strong belief in relationship building with clients and team members makes for happy customers.


Kym Burns

Kym has been a big part of the constantly evolving Newstyle name. As a General Manager for over 17 years, Kym has helped Newstyle grow from a 10-man shed operation into the powerful 80 strong organisation it is today. With a vast prepress background and a hands-on management style, Kym continues to ensure that Newstyle stays at the top of the marketplace.


Mark Huddleston

Mark is greatly respected throughout the printing industry and comes to Newstyle with 20 years of Production Management experience. Mark’s demand for quality and meeting deadlines will ensure that Newstyle Printing stays a leader and at the top of the market place. Mark’s ‘eye for detail’ and passion for the industry ensures that we attract even the most demanding and highest quality of jobs.


Daniel Murray

Daniel’s 17 years in the printing industry have been spent at Newstyle and other large printing firms, all within South Australia. A familiar face to most of the state’s printing clients, Daniel is finely tuned to their needs and expectations.
With a keen eye for detail and an excellent understanding of full colour offset printing, Daniel works closely with production, ensuring our print quality remains the benchmark in the industry.


Mandy Huppatz

Mandy has been leaving her mark on the print industry for years. Creating an outstanding reputation for accuracy in customer service, and showing genuine care for client’s jobs. This has commanded her respect from the industry over her 25 years of experience. A vital member of the Newstyle team she acts as the glue between us and our clients.