Hardcopy Christmas cards will have a much higher open rate than email Newstyle Print Adelaide

Hardcopy Christmas cards will have a much higher open rate than email

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s time to spread the love, and what better way to do that than writing an old-fashioned Christmas card. We’re all so digitally connected these days that sometimes we forget the impression of personal sentiments.

When was the last time you sent a hand-written card to the family members who live far away? To the friends you struggle to keep in contact, or even the co-workers you want to create stronger bonds with? This year, bring out your inner Santa’s-little-helper and start celebrating the holidays with some Christmas words and drinks. Or spirit. Same thing.

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You might be thinking: who writes Christmas cards these days? Status updates and automated emails seem to do the job, but they often lack personality and empathy. Our recent blog on how direct mail is as powerful as, if not more than, social media, delves into using print to get in touch with clients and customers. The same principle goes for hand-written cards: glitz and glam aren’t only associated with print marketing!

You can make it bold, attractive and reader-worthy by thinking about what paper, fonts and inks you’d like to use to give your cards an extra edge. Metallic ink adds another level of definition to your text, making it stand out. Or, if you’re after something softer, try a UV finish that gives the product a bit of shine. Add a candy cane in the envelope and you’re ready to send them off – don’t you love it when everything’s in mint condition?

Check out these humorous Christmas cards – something tells us not all are for the faint-hearted.

Got kids? Make it a fun exercise for them to keep those creative minds spurred during the school holidays. Their grandparents will love nothing more than a card covered in glitter, stickers and Texta marks for their Christmas present. They could even try hand-making their cards, too. Here are a few ideas we found for you to try. Plus, arts and crafts can be a way of relaxing, which could be perfect if you’re in the middle of planning a big Christmas.

Printed Christmas Card Vs eCard - Newstyle Print Blog - Handmade Cards - craft table of cards

Step back from the computers, tablets and phones this year. Do something different to celebrate with those who won’t be there with you on Christmas day. You can utilise print marketing in so many other areas, and your Christmas cards are ready and waiting to be designed. Find your contacts book, reach for the pen and spread the love.


Got more ideas for getting creating with printed Christmas cards this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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