Top 5 Printing Mistakes Infographic

Top 5 Printing Mistakes That Are Killing Your Marketing Campaigns [Infographic]

In South Australia’s highly competitive market, the integrity of your direct marketing campaign makes all the difference. Here are the top five printing mistakes to avoid at all costs — the ones that will kill your marketing campaign!

  1. Using the Wrong Image Format
    Do not be fooled into thinking that all image formats are similar! The .jpg, .gif, and .png formats are meant for computer screens exclusively. Although you may be able to get away with this mistake if your image is small, you should get into a habit of using high-resolution images for all print functions. You will get crisp, sharp, quality images and give a better impression.
    You should also make sure that your image converts to CMYK and still looks like you want it to look. RGB is a format that is specifically for screens, and you will not get the same quality on a print that you get on a screen from RGB.

Remember: Your printer is not your proofreader.

  1. Not Double-Checking Spelling
    Many companies purposefully use misspellings and other semantic tools to differentiate themselves from another brand. Because your printer does not know if this is your intention, misspellings that you overlook by accident will likely get put on your mailer if you are not careful. Remember: Your printer is not your proofreader. Make sure that the text is exactly as you want it before finalising the proof! One of the tricks of the proofreading trade is to read the text backwards. You should also be sure that your proofreader is from a truly third-party source. The closer that your proofreader is to your project, the less likely he or she is to catch those little errors that make all of the difference in a marketing campaign.
  2. Unprofessional Formatting
    One of the main reasons to consult with a qualified printing expert before sending out a direct mailer is to nail down a professional, yet engaging, format. Your direct mail pieces need to lead your customer on a journey that will end with that customer curious to find out more information. If you do not have any experience, this can be difficult to do on a piece of paper that is the size of an index card. Small text and graphics overload are just a few of the incorrect ways to compensate for an unprofessional format. Let a professional show you how to make the most of a limited space. You can start by asking for proofs of successful past campaigns. Make sure that you keep a file of the designs that you like for future reference. Additionally, you can Google keywords that are relevant to you and see what related YouTube videos inspire you by searching the relevant keywords there as well.
  3. No Bleed
    Keep at least 3 mm on each side of your mailer for bleed! Bleed is the part of the artwork that will naturally go beyond the edges of the mailer. If you have extremely complex items in your design, you may want to compensate with a few more millimeters of bleed space. Consult with your printer so you do not have to deal with any surprises down the road!
  4. Too Many Colors
    You do not have to overload your target audience with colors to get them to notice your mailer. As a matter of fact, your goal should be to direct the eye of your customer to a few accent points that encourage a call to action or lead into your main selling point. Too many colors makes text impossible to read and may result in a completely blurry print.

Your printed collateral is the first impression your customers have of your business. Do not be afraid to ask your Adelaide printer questions about these printing mistakes — any one of them can affect your ability to do business! In short, make sure the following list is accounted for:

  1. Check that all supplied images are high quality.
  2. Are all images CMYK?
  3. Is your phone number correct?
  4. Is the website address correct?
  5. Has the text been checked and double-checked for spelling and typos?
  6. Do you love the design?
  7. Do you see bleed?
  8. Is the design too busy?

Top 5 Printing Mistakes Infographic

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